Publisher’s Declaration

Publisher’s Declaration 
The periodical of Acta Medicinae et Sociologica (AMS) issued by the University of Debrecen Faculty of Health publishes articles on health and social sciences, and trans-disciplinary sciences like psychology, social policy, law, economics, etc. in accordance with the Faculty’s trainings. The articles are written in English or Hungarian, meet scientific requirements and have not been published before.
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The publication rate was 4 issues/year between 2012 and 2016, and has been 2 issues/year since 2017. The periodical is primarily published in print, but the editorial board arranges its electronic access, gets a DOI number, and the periodical is uploaded onto the National Széchényi Library Electronic Periodical Archive OSZK EPA
The periodical is released as Open Access Gold and in line with the policy of creative commons
  • The authors
    • under no claim pay for or get money for publishing their studies,
    • the electronic version of the study can be freely
      • downloaded,
      • printed,
      • publicized without changes on other electronic surfaces.
  • For the readers the electronic version can be freely
    • downloaded,
    • printed.
  • In the case of partial or complete use of the studies, the user needs to cite them within the given field of science.
The Publisher’s Declaration about the archiving rights of the author can be read here.
The Publisher’s Declaration about moral and ethical principles can be read here.
Publication requirements can be read here.
The Acta Medicinae et Sociologica is a reviewed periodical. The manuscripts sent to the editorial board are forwarded to two independent external experts for review. The reviewers receive the manuscript without the author’s name, and then on the basis of the AMS’s set of review criteria they articulate their opinion. If both of them are supportive, the study can be published. The reviewers’ opinions, without names, as well as the set of criteria are sent to the authors. The manuscripts together with the suggested corrections are also sent back to the authors to be rewritten. If both of the reviewers reject the study, the manuscript will not be published, but if one of them supports and the other one rejects, a third reviewer is asked for a final opinion.
With the submission of the manuscript for publication, the authors acknowledge the above rights, limitations and declarations and agree to be bound by them.